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About Afonso Mbunga

As a graphic and web designer, my fascination with computer monitors was ignited when I acquired my inaugural monitor for my specialized design workstation.

The profound influence it exerted on my work was extraordinary, kindling an unexpected appreciation for this essential technological tool.

Over time, I have amalgamated my design expertise with my fascination for monitors, culminating in a platform that furnishes exhaustive information, rigorous reviews, and incisive insights about the most advanced and superior monitors currently available on the market.

My objective is to empower others to attain the same pinnacle of excellence in their professional or recreational pursuits as I did when I unearthed the potential of a premium-quality monitor. Irrespective of whether you are a graphic designer, an avid gamer, a prolific content creator, or simply an individual seeking technological advancement, I trust that my expertise will serve as a beacon, guiding you toward the most optimal choice tailored to your unique requirements.

Allow me to extend a warm welcome to our community of monitor enthusiasts!

Together, we shall explore the fascinating world of monitors, harnessing their potential to transform our digital experiences.

Company Profile:

Established in 2020, Monitors Now stands as a beacon of innovation and expertise in the display technology industry. 

Our mission, “Empowering Vision,” encapsulates our commitment to reshaping the visual experience and bringing state-of-the-art display technology within the reach of every desk.

With an authoritative presence in the industry, we utilize precise terminology, research-based insights, and logical organization to communicate our knowledge. 

Our tone is formal, yet clear and concise, reflecting our confidence in our ability to provide valuable information.

At Monitors Now, we’re not just selling monitors – we’re revolutionizing the way you see the world. We’re not just keeping pace with advancements in technology; we’re setting the pace. 

Our dedication to enhancing visual experiences through cutting-edge technology is unwavering.

Monitors Now is more than a brand; it’s a promise of quality, innovation, and vision empowerment. 

Our mission is to redefine your visual interactions, one monitor at a time. Trust in us to bring the future of display technology to your desk.